Preventing a URL change when a Page Title changes

The CMS automatically creates search engine friendly URL's based on the title of a page. The only time this can affect things is if an existing page title gets changed. To prevent this from happening, please follow the instructions below before saving any edits that include a page title change:

  1. Make any edits you want to make, including the page title
  2. Go to the properties tab of the page
  3. Find the Link to Document item. Below it will be the Page URL field
  4. Copy the last part of the Link to Document item without the slashes or the .aspx part. (eg if it says /directoryname/pagename.aspx or /directoryname/pagename/ then just copy the pagename part.). Please note that some pages may have multiple directory names before the pagename.
  5. Paste the last part into the Page URL box.
  6. Save the page
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