How do I add a link in the CMS?

You can link to external pages, internal pages, media files, and specific points on a page.  To begin, in the back end:

  1. Navigate to the page that you want to create a link on
  2. Highlight the text or click on the picture that is going to be the link
  3. Click the icon that looks like a chain and says "insert/edit link" when its hovered over. A window will appear on the right hand side of the screen.
  4. Follow the instructions for your specific type of content:
    1. External
      1. In the link to document field enter the web address of the page starting with http:// (or https:// if it's a secure page). To make sure you grab the entire link, navigate to the page in a separate browser tab or window then copy what appears in the address bar and paste it in the link to document field.
      2. Select Opens the linked document in a new window or tab in the Target field.
    2. Internal
      1. At the bottom of the window there is the start of the site map with the first node name, usually home. Hover near the word and you'll see a little triangle. Click on it and it will reveal all the page names under it. Some even might have more triangle. Navigate to the page that you want and then click on it.
    3. Media
      1. Click on the link to file button
      2. A list of files or folders they are stored in will show up. There is also an upload button at the top. To select an existing file, you need to navigate to it and click it. To upload one:
        1. Click on the upload button
        2. Browse to the piece you want on your computer
        3. Click Open
        4. Let the file upload
        5. Click on the file when it appears in the window
      3. Specific points on a page. This is best if you use Google Chrome because it has the tool you need to identify the anchor name).
        1. In a separate browser, navigate to the page that has the specific point you want.
        2. Copy the address in the address bar and paste it somewhere where you can grab it later.
        3. Highlight the text you are interested in having the page travel to.
        4. Right click and a menu will come up.
        5. One of the items that will come up will be inspect element. Click on that.
        6. In the new window that opens, the code that creates the page will show up. You should be on the piece of that you hightlighted. If it has something that says id="<name>" than great, copy what's is in between the quote marks. If not, look for the closest item about it that has a similar pattern and copy that. It won't be the exact point you want, but it will be close.
        7. Take the address from earlier and chop off the http::/ part so it stars with a /.
        8. Add a / to the end if there isn't one.
        9. Type # and the name you typed from between the quote marks
        10. Copy the address you have created
        11. Paste the address in the link to document field
  1. Click on Select and the window will close
  2. Click on Save and your page will be saved with the new link.
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